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"...magnetic and first-rate, drawing you in with his beautiful tone and sincere musicianship"




Award-winning violinist Gary Capozziello enjoys a multifaceted career as a versatile performer and educator. Praised for his dynamic performances, he has garnered acclaim from sources such as WTNH, The Hartford Courant,, and the American League of Orchestras. Gary's achievements have been highlighted in Hartford Magazine's 2018 feature "Inspired: A Renaissance of Young Artists," and the 2023 cover of "The Artful Mind." With recent concerto engagements including performances with esteemed ensembles like the Hartford Symphony Orchestra, the New Haven Civic Orchestra, and the Connecticut Valley Orchestra, Gary remains active as a soloist, chamber musician, and Assistant Concertmaster of the Hartford Symphony Orchestra. He has also received first prize in the Paranov Competition, and was honored with the Jerry Malafronte Award for Musical Excellence and the Peter/Wright Music Memorial Prize. In addition to his accomplishments as a performer, Gary is deeply passionate about sharing his expertise in the Alexander Technique and Mindfulness practices, empowering students and fellow musicians to tap into their deepest potential and cultivate a harmonious connection between body and instrument. Formerly faculty at Quinnipiac University, Gary teaches at the Hartt School of Music, Promisek Bach+ workshops, and the Hotchkiss School. 

Edward Elgar Salute d'amour
Gary Capozziello

Edward Elgar Salute d'amour


Gary shares his expertise through private lessons, guest artist appearances, and masterclasses. Integrating his extensive experience in Alexander Technique and mindfulness practice, he offers a holistic approach to traditional violin instruction, enriching students' playing experience. With Gary's guidance, musicians embark on a journey of self-discovery, unlocking new levels of musical expression and technical proficiency


Discover the transformative power of mindfulness meditation in your musical journey. By integrating mindfulness into your practice and performance, you'll deepen your connection to music and enhance your emotional expression. Embrace mindfulness to quiet inner distractions, cultivate focus, and unleash your full creative potential.


Alexander Technique

Experience the synergy of body awareness and musical immersion by honing into your body's movements. Through heightened awareness, you'll unlock newfound fluidity, efficiency, and concentration in your playing. Embrace the journey of tuning into your body, paving the way for enhanced musical expression and performance excellence.


Personalizing your process

Embrace the winding path of musical improvement, recognizing that progress often unfolds in unexpected ways. Allow yourself to navigate through various phases of growth, understanding that each one brings valuable insights and lessons. By embracing the journey, you'll foster resilience, adaptability, and a deeper appreciation for the evolving nature of musical expression

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Salisbury, Connecticut

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